Coming off the ACM 212 fiasco that involved a game where it was promoted and promised as something that was not delivered, gamers sort of don't want to get wrapped up in the same hype cycle again. Well, watching the Killzone: Shadow Fall footage at Sony's event might have prompted for such expectations, however Guerrilla Games delivered by showing that the game is actually playable.

What better way to nix naysaying than to publish the truth, right? Well, Guerrilla Games recently went on Jimmy Fallon following the Sony event that unveiled the PlayStation 4, and while they were doing the typical stage-demo walkthrough presentation, things switched gears when Jimmy and his unfunny guest of little known fame, Anthony Anderson, joined in on the fun to showcase how little gaming skills they have combined between the two of them. Check it out below.

Let's get one thing clear: Killzone games were never about breaking through the boundaries of being an evolutionary or revolutionary FPS experience. However, ever since the release of Killzone 2, Guerrilla Games has really gone out of their way to set a visual benchmark on home consoles for the most gritty and dingiest looking shooter ever.

Killzone: Shadow Fall seems to move away from a bit of the grit for a more future modernist aesthetic set amid the transforming decay of a warzone. Well, that's what we can gather from the demonstration. I think the real hook for the game will probably be its atmosphere, and having more atmospheric shooters like this and Metro: Last Light will definitely be a good way to keep the FPS genre diversified on consoles.

Even still, the fact that Jimmy and Anthony actually got some hands-on time with the game is a real nice nod to gamers from the developers, letting the community know “We aren't always out there trying to lie to you with stage demos”.

You can check out more by visiting the Official Killzone website.

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