Kinect Party Arrives Dec. 18 For Free

Double Fine's latest diabolical creation, Kinect Party, is about to dubstep its way into your family's living room, bringing 36 altered reality mini-games to the Xbox 360 Kinect on Dec. 18. for free. Yes, free.

Let's get one thing cleared up first and foremost: Kinect Party isn't exactly something you invite the bros over to check out. This latest offering from the double fine folks at Double Fine features a hard family friendly slant, clearly intended for the youngsters and a playful adult or two. Still, if Tank and Brock bring over enough brewskies, you guys might still find there's fun to be had with this crazy mix of insanity.

Kinect Party features nearly 40 activities for up to six people to play. That right there should show how kid friendly the game is, as there is no way six grown adults are going to fit in front of your Kinect, I don't care how large your living room is. There's also a nice crop of Achievements to unlock and a whole bunch of costume pieces for you to dawn in-game.

The activities range from the expected to the downright terrifying. From the trailer revealed at Double Fine's blog, I can spot kiddos digging in the sand, breaking blocks in a Minecraft flavored game and storming around a city, knocking over buildings as giant monsters. But, dear lord, is that supposed to be children playing/being set on fire in a giant vat of lava!? Also, as I alluded to in the opening, what modern trailer would be complete without the requisite wub-wub?

Kinect Party hits Xbox Live of Dec. 18. And from then until the end of the year, you'll be able to download the game free of charge. That's some pretty great timing for the upcoming holiday visits with the family.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.