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It’s sad that the Wii has been relegated in America as a fitness machine for housewives and obese kids. I’m all for getting in shape, staying fit and having fun but currently the Wii in the US of A has been retooled for nothing but casual-ware. Well, here’s a new video trailer for the Wii to make hardcore North American gamers jealous of their fellow Japanese gamers. Yes, they actually get hardcore games for the Wii.

Capcom teased and tantalized with the Monster Hunter 3 video and now Jaleco has come along with the action-RPG, Kizuna, to rub all their gaming goodness in the faces of North American Nintendo fans who have been snubbed of everything but shovelware. Well, if it gives you hope to keep your Wii and not trade it in for a PS3 or Xbox 360 (if you don’t have one already) just check out the following trailer. Heck, it could revitalize your faith in the possibility of a few good games actually coming to the Wii.

The entire trailer is in Japanese, so understanding what’s going on isn’t at all possible unless you’re a good linguist. Nevertheless, the action looks good, the graphics aren’t too bad (for a Wii game) and it actually looks like there are remnants of fun to be had. Too bad us North American gamers will get stuck with a Jillian Michaels work-out sequel, EA Sports Active and a few more work-out games instead.