Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War was first a secretive PS3 exclusive, and now it’s a dual-platform title that has received multiple delays. However, Bladestorm isn’t the only one getting the boot for a later release. Fatal Inertia for the PS3 (A next-gen re-take on Quantum Redshift) is also receiving some delay time.

Koei announced that both games, while supposedly scheduled for a first-quarter 2007 release, have been moved back as far as the summer of 2007. Talk about playing the waiting gamers seem to have to wait and wait and wait. There’s probably studies that will emerge in the next few years showing a great incline of baldness in youths between the ages of 18 and 25. As I’m sure all the hair-pulling can’t be good for your scalp.

Anyway, regarding the press release by Koei – the news didn’t go over without a statement from the publisher. “Both titles are taking advantage of new game engines and hardware. We are allowing our development teams additional time to further explore the capabilities and potential of each system by extending the product launches for a simultaneous platform release this summer,” said Amos Ip Senior Vice-President at KOEI Corporation.

In real life terms, that actually means “We’re in over our heads. The hardware is a lot more difficult to develop for than we thought. To ensure the quality of these games and to reduce the great (and very present) frame-rate issues, slowdown and faulty gameplay mechanics, we have decided to delay both games until a summer release. Hopefully all the noticeable glitches will be resolved by then.” Thanks Koei for at least letting us know what’s bogging down the development time. And just maybe this delay will guarantee that both games won’t stink like a sweaty pile of gym socks. :)

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