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Despite the slight delay EA imposed on NBA Elite 11, that hasn’t stopped Kontrol Freek from taking advantage of the situation and offering gamers a unique controller add-on experience. The company announced that the new Hoops Freek will be available for those who need an extra precision-oriented edge over their on-the-court competition.

Ashish Mistry, President and CEO of KontrolFreek commented in the press release about the new Hoops Freek, stating that…
"KontrolFreek is proud to announce our new Hoops Freek and once again expand our product line in response to customer input, " …"Hoops Freek has been tested and given the thumbs up by some serious basketball gamers -especially with the new analog stick work needed in these new games."

It’s true…stick skills are an essential element in landing not only trick jump shots, but plowing a bullet between the eyes of another Spartan requires some equally attentive precision-oriented analog work. Gamers who feel like they need the extra edge in the upcoming NBA Elite 11 (or any other game for that matter) can pre-order the Hoops Freek from the Official KontrolFreek Website. Alternatively, the Hoops Freek will be made available starting October 5th for only $9.99.

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