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Warner Bros. has released 14 minutes of gameplay footage from their upcoming LEGO Lord of the Rings game. It shows an extended part of a scene from The Fellowship of the Ring, the first book of the J.R.R. Tolkien's trilogy.

In this scene, the hobbits and Aragorn have set up camp and started to prepare their supper. However, they're then ambushed by the hooded riders known as the Nazgul. Players take on the role of Frodo, Sam and Aragorn as this scene progresses.

The game will let players take on the role of 80 different characters, each with their own distinct ability. The game's story will take players through the entire trilogy. Obviously it's been modified a bit to suit the game's length, though.

I'm skeptical of a game built on not one, but two, licenses but the Lego games have always been a reliable source of family-friendly fun. LEGO LOTR should be a popular gift for young gamers this holiday season.