Patch 1.03, the next update for Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us, will provide a new multiplayer mode for no charge. Interrogation Mode is a twist on the usual deathmatch-like modes offered by the PS3 exclusive.

The final objective of an Interrogation match (via Eurogamer) is to steal loot from the enemy team's lockbox. There's a catch, though: you don't know where the lockbox is at first. In order to learn its location, you have to down five enemies and then perform executions to beat information out of them. Shiv kills also work. Once five enemies have been interrogated by your team, the enemy's lockbox will be revealed.

Interrogations aren't easy to pull off. They take longer to accomplish than a standard execution. While you're trying to complete the interrogation, enemies can interrupt you by causing enough damage. If you're interrupted, you won't get intel or parts from the interrogation. The enemy who disrupted you, meanwhile, will get parts.

If your team's lockbox is exposed, you've got two objectives. First, you need to fall back and defend your lockbox to avoid losing the match. You also have to gather up intel of your own in order to find your enemy's secret stash. Enemies trying to unlock your box will be good targets for intel.

Interrogation mode sounds like a great addition to the game's multiplayer. The lack of variety in the online modes is one of the biggest shortcomings in an otherwise stellar title. It's great that Naughty Dog is willing to fill in this gap in the game for no charge.

Update 1.03 will also make a number of general changes to multiplayer. Revive changes has been increased by a small amount. Matchmaking should be smarter about pitting you against players of comparable rank. Item caches locations have been balanced in certain maps and will no longer give excessive loot after comebacks. All special executions can be prevented by killing or downing the attacker.

Naughty Dog hasn't announced the release date for Patch 1.03 yet. They plan to release additional information, including the patch notes, through their website soon.

Not all of Last of Us's post-launch content will be free. Naughty Dog has plans to release two multiplayer add-ons and one single-player add-on for individual or bulk purchase.

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