The Last Of Us TV Spot Blends Live-Action With Gripping Gameplay

The wait is almost over and Sony and Naughty Dog have been ramping up the promotion of the upcoming third-person, thriller-survival title, The Last of Us. The game is an uncompromising tale of survival and the fighting spirit to struggle through seemingly impossible odds.

The trailer above, courtesy of PS Mania, is simply awesome; it's a gripping and pertinent look at what the game actually focuses on and the no-punches-pulled story that treats players to the sort of post-apocalyptic story we could only wish to get out of Hollywood.

One of the things that has impressed me so much from The Last of Us is the fighting system. It blends that visceral feel of weight and significance usually only relegated to quick-time events, but makes it seamless with the actual in-game play so that any and every encounter is a cinematically, player-controlled event. You're not just sitting there watching things unfold, you're participating in the way they unfold with 1:1 interaction.

The game is set for release next week on June 14th following the closure of E3, so after you catch wind of all those next-gen games you won't be able to play until this fall (or in 2014) you'll be able to head to your local retailer and pick up a copy of The Last of Us, or, unlike the Xbox One, you'll be able to borrow a copy from a friend without having to pay a license fee.

For more information on The Last of Us be sure to visit the official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.