The first reviews for PS3 exclusive The Last Of Us will begin hitting the web in a matter of days. The new screenshots accompanying those reviews have leaked to the Internet early, however.

In Last Of Us, arms dealer Joel must transport a teenage girl named Ellie across a post-apocalyptic United States. The ruined country is inhabited by mindless Infected as well as bandits. However, as the screenshots demonstrate, Joel and Ellie will encounter plenty of friendlier folks as well, such as Bill.

Everything we've heard about Last Of Us thus far suggests it's going to be a very story-driven experience. Naughty Dog used motion-capping so that the actors would deliver a more human performance. It would be a bit tough to convey that story if Joel and Ellie were just killing everything in sight. The breaks from danger seen in these screenshots should allow players to learn more about the backstory.

The demo for Last Of Us debuted on PSN yesterday. It allows you to play part of the game's campaign. Unfortunately, the demo is only available to God of War: Ascension owners currently.

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