Season two of “The LeBrons,” a cartoon helmed by NBA star LeBron James and the Believe Entertainment Group, is headed to the Xbox 360 this spring. I would say this news is coming out of left field but, given LeBrons' career on the basketball court, I don't want to confuse the matter further with a metaphor that doesn't match.

Apparently the original season of The LeBrons was a pretty big hit, receiving more than 50 million episode views back in 2011. According to Major Nelson, that number is likely to skyrocket even higher as the second season is headed to Microsoft consumer networks including MSN and, you guessed it, the Xbox 360.

“LeBron James' breakout animated series, The LeBrons, is back for season two and will be available this spring...” states the announcement post. “The LeBrons is a family entertainment show designed to provide positive life messages to today's young adults...”

According to the post, everyone with an Xbox Live Gold subscription will be able to enjoy the show, which will have higher production value and crisper, computer-generated animations this time around.

I take news like this as a sign of the times that if Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo play their cards right, they really have set themselves up to be the main entertainment hubs of the future. They've already got mainstream content like Netflix and Hulu up and running and, in my opinion, the more of these indie, formerly online only programs they can throw into the mix, the better.

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