It seems that the big Assassin's Creed announcement that Ubisoft was teasing has already been spoiled. A Best Buy employee has leaked the first art from Assassin's Creed 3 and it reveals the game will be set in the Revolutionary War period.

The image, obtained by Kotaku, shows a white hooded figure in front of a Continental flag. He's wielding a flintlock pistol in one hand and a tomahawk in the other. Seems to be wearing a bow, arrows, and a saber as well. His belt buckle is the Assassins emblem.

The American Revolution was one of many possible settings for the game. Ubisoft's shortlist including the Russian Revolution, ancient Egypt, and Victorian England among many others. Not sure how everyone else in the world will feel about the selection but as a Yankee and history nerd I'm quite happy.

Ubisoft previously announced that AC3 will be released on October 30th. Platforms weren't mentioned yet but it'll most likely be a PC/PS3/360 release like previous entries in the series.

Update: Ubisoft has released the official box art for the game, which confirms that this flyer was legitimate.

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