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Today Valve reaffirmed the October 5th release date for Left 4 Dead's upcoming "Sacrifice" DLC. They also cleared up other lingering questions you might have.

"The Sacrifice" is a prequel campaign to the Left 4 Dead 2 DLC "The Passing." It can be downloaded for both L4D1 and L4D2. L4D1 owners will get "The Sacrifice" campaign along with support for Versus and Survival modes. L4D2 owners will get all that as well as the "No Mercy" campaign from L4D1. The L4D2 "Sacrifice" and "No Mercy" campaigns will be playable in Versus, Survival, and Scavenge mode and feature all the L4D2 weapons, items, and enemies.

Whether you download "Sacrifice" for L4D1 or L4D2 on the PC, it'll be free. Xbox 360 owners will have to shell out 560 MS Points.

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