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If you’ve ever wanted to have your voice featured in a fighting game, then you better act quickly. Nicalis is hosting a competition to select community member color commentators for their upcoming Vita fighter, Legend of Raven, and submissions are due (checks watch) today.

Yes, I agree that it’s absolutely insane to let everyone know about something like this on the last day of a competition, but we’re only finding out about it now. Nicalis sent out a post on the PlayStation Blog this morning announcing the competition, along with a cutoff date of Sept. 20. Whether this is an ongoing promotion and they’re trying to get in some last minute entries, or they simply kept the turnaround short in order to keep from being flooded with too many submissions isn’t clear, but at least the process is extremely simple. If you’ve got a Youtube account, a camera and a couple of minutes to watch a video and record yourself adding some commentary, then you’ve got all the necessary components to get in a submission with a quickness.

The entire process is outlined on the above linked blog post. Basically, you record yourself adding in some color commentary while watching video of a fight, upload it to Youtube as an unlisted video, then send a link of said video to Nicalis. It’s that simple.

For those unfamiliar with Legend of Raven, it’s an indie 2D fighting game with an eight-character roster heading to the PlayStation Vita. Fast-paced and frantic, the game will offer pugilist action for fighting fans on the go, as well as the ability to compete with your friends in Ad Hoc multiplayer. You’ll be able to download it off of PSN later this year, but not before the developers plug in some last minute voices for commentary contest winners.

According to Nicalis’ Tyrone Rodriguez, Legend of Raven offers a unique commentary system geared at emulating the feel of playing in an arcade.

I’m sure some of you remember going to arcades or watching tournaments, seeing and hearing the action,” Rodriguez said. “It’s just like that, except without the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds. Literally, the in-game commentary will pop up from time to time when you’re clobbering an opponent with a vicious combo or finishing them off with a super move.”

For those looking to follow through with the commentary submissions, here’s a look at the footage you’ll need to add your flavor to. Watch it, record it and send it in. It’s that simple. The game shows a lot of promise and has a visual edge that distinctly separates it from a lot of the competition out there. If they can manage to carve out a niche and following, it will be nice to see the brand grow and mature on handhelds, assuming this commentary thing goes over smoothly first.

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