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In most medieval fantasy settings, bards are kind of wusses. In Dragon Age: Origins, though, it doesn't look like they'll be playing musical songs to put ogres to sleep.

The latest character video on DA:O's website introduces us to Leliana, a former bard who accompanies you on your quest. In the game's world, bards are musicians who also moonlight as assassins and spies. Leliana quit the bardin' life a long time ago and joined the Chantry to live a more pious, quiet life. Doesn't stop her from doing the no pants dance with your character, though.

There's a bunch of other character profiles on the Dragon Age site, too, if that's your bag. The game hits the PC and 360 on November 3rd in the State and the 6th in Europe. PS3 version's release date is still up in the air.