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You may not have to wait long for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. The action RPG, previously announced for a 2013 release, might be out as early as March according to a retailer.

Amazon UK's listing for Lightning states it will arrive on March 29th. That's a Friday, the typical day of the week that European games launch. If that's accurate, then we could probably expect the North American launch on March 26th.

Lightning Returns takes place hundreds of years after Final Fantasy XIII-2. Our hero Lightning wakes up on Novus Partus, a chain of islands, just days before the end of the world. With little time to spare, she must avert the apocalypse.

Returns allows players more direct control of Lightning. This should give the traditional RPG combat more of an action feel. Lightning can be customized with new armor and weapons that will change her abilities in battle.

Time plays a big role in this game. As the final thirteen days of this world run out, Novus Partus will change. Different characters, areas and quests will be accessible depending on what time it is.

Square Enix has yet to officially confirm a release date for Lightning. Retailers often guesstimate release dates so you shouldn't take Amazon's listed date as gospel.

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