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Virtual reality gaming has become a pretty big thing as of late. One of the main culprits of pushing VR to the forefront of most gamers' unadulterated excitement is the Oculus Rift. Well, what if I told you there was a website that only dealt in VR-related games and VR-related content?

There are quite a few titles coming out all centered around the immersion of virtual reality. However, not everyone knows what games they are or the details surrounding them. If you're a super hardcore gamer, it's likely you've heard of games like Montas or Half-Life 2, but if you're a casual the only thing you know is that the Oculus Rift is a cool head-thingy with some VR capabilities.

Well, the Rift isn't the only player in town and the above games aren't the only ones utilizing VR head-tracking and motion processing. Of course, you would probably need to search the wide span of the interwebs to find various games and devices utilizing real-time optical virtual reality. Thankfully, VRFocus is a website that helps hammer out that kind of information for you.

As noted by the recently appointed editor in chief, and my good buddy, Kevin Joyce...
"It's a very exciting time for VR and VRFocus is positioned to become a leading publication for both videogame players and the wider VR industry. After more than ten years at the helm of Electronic Theatre and its subsidiary websites I'm happy to be able to bring my experience to a new sector with a brand new team. I look forward to bringing you all the latest and best in the world of VR every day."

But it's not only the rift that's aiming to take the market by storm, other enthusiast products are planning on rolling out for consumers sometime this year (hopefully) and likely next year (more than likely). For instance, the rival for the Rift, called the Avegant Glyph is also scheduled to release sometime around the launch of the Rift, and it will carry a $499 price tag.

Finding out about the latest in virtual reality technology and the games that come along with them is now just a click away with VRFocus. I'm sure this website will gather a dedicated following in the same way that places like Co-Optimus have carved out a strong niche covering all things co-op gaming.

The site itself will sport features based around the hardware of virtual technology, as well as reviews and previews of games utilizing VR tech. The site will work as a compendium for virtual reality enthusiasts and will breakdown how well some games make use of the tech, as well as which games you're likely to look forward to that are best suited for the VR headwear.

In addition to game reviews, the site will also help the community stay abreast about community events, tradeshows featuring VR technology, even points of interest where VR gear is featured at non-gaming events, such as the Rift's all-access pass to the London Fashion Week. Yep, that's right, VR isn't just for gaming.

You can check out the site by paying a visit to the newly opened VRFocus.com to learn more about virtual reality games and technology.
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