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Linger in Shadows Explained, Still Makes No Sense

Rusty Buchert, Sr. Producer for Linger in Shadows took some time to provide a little insight on the title via the Playstation Blog. A trailer has been available on the Playstation Network that features flying dogs, a dilapidated city and something that looks like the smoke monster from Lost. The visuals are captivating though there's nothing in the video that even vaguely resembles gameplay. Apparently, that's because there is none.

Buchert informs us that Linger is definitely not a game, saying that it was "never meant to be a game and it will never be a game." Instead, he categorizes the project as "an experiment in interactive digital art" designed to show what the PS3 hardware is capable of. The demo will do something or another on its own if left to it's own devices but will also allow participants to explore the world using SIXAXIS controls.

He also implies that they'll somehow be able to manipulate what they're looking at, encouraging users to "search for new things, experiment with the SIXAXIS" and that they "might be surprised" by what they find. This interactivity will likely play into Linger's Trophies though it's anyone's guess how.

Whatever Linger in Shadows is, we won't have to wait long to find out; it hits the PSN this Thurday, Oct. 9. What it will cost is yet another mystery though the trophy support has "an excuse to charge for this" written all over it.