Back when the Vita was first being shown off, Sony was already touting the device as being able to provide a “second screen experience” in tangent with the PlayStation 3. Our first look at such capabilities will come next Tuesday, Dec. 18, when the LittleBigPlanet 2 “Cross Controller” pack hits the PlayStation Store.

If you’re already thinking that this Cross Controller business sounds an awful lot like what the Wii U gamepad has to offer, then you would be absolutely correct. While you still can’t use the Vita as a remote for apps like Netflix or stream PS3 games to your portable console while someone else is watching TV (yet), LittleBigPlanet will be the first game to show off how the Vita can be used to enhance your gameplay experience for certain games.

LBP Community Coordinator Steven Isbell dropped by the PlayStation Blog to reveal some details about how the Cross Controller features will work, but said details are surprisingly thin. The post states that the Vita will be able to interact with LittleBigPlanet 2 in new and interesting ways, but he doesn’t really go any further than that. Here’s hoping for a follow-up post showing off some of these new features in the coming week.

From the blog post’s main photo, also seen above, we can at least glean the fact that one of the features will be a scanner of sorts. This interaction has also been shown off in the upcoming Sly Cooper game, letting the player look at their TV screen “through” the Vita, using it as a scope to see hidden details.

The LBP2 Cross Controller pack will feature a brand new set of levels featuring Sackboy and his quest to help out some adorable space pirates. Like with the Move pack, these levels will likely be utilized to show off some of the ways players can incorporate Vita functionality into their own levels. The pack also comes with the Cross Controller tool set for world creation, all of which hits the PlayStation Network on Dec. 18 for $4.99.

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