Sackboys and Sackgirls, lend me your ears. I have a very important announcement to make for all of you eager creators living out in the omniverse: LittleBigPlanet for the PlayStation Vita has been given a LittleBigReleaseDate of September 25th.

In case it wasn’t immediately evident from the jovial tone, that introduction paragraph was supposed to be read in the voice of Stephen Frye, the long-time narrator of the various games in the LBP catalogue. You can continue readying in that voice if you like. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life.

What I am here to do, though, is share a couple of pieces of news for the upcoming LittleBigPlanet Vita title. The first, and arguably most important if you’re planning on picking up the game, is the newly announced release date mentioned above. The second is that the developers at Tarsien Studios have put together a new featurette highlighting the upcoming game’s whimsical story. Why, there it is now…

Being a portable game, it’s fitting that LittleBigPlanet for Vita takes place on a traveling planet known as Carnivalia. Players will be tasked with defeating the evil Puppeteer, which will likely include all of the usual jumping, swinging, shooting, bouncing and collecting goodness the LBP series has become known for.

This latest offering will have the added benefit of touch controls, as well as the front/back-facing cameras, meaning level creation will likely be easier, and perhaps more personal, than ever before. It looks like we’ll finally find out for ourselves when LittleBigPlanet releases for Vita on Sept. 25.

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