Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Now leave them idling for a few months, because that's when LittleBigPlanet Karting will finally be released for the PlayStation 3.

LBPK Community Coordinator Michael Buffaloe made the launch date official on the PlayStation Blog this morning, setting the game's on-shelf timeframe for Nov. 6.

But you can't announce anything worthwhile these days without a new trailer attacked to it, so here's a look at the latest video showing off Sackboy's fastest game to date.

And now I'm reminded in the weirdest way imaginable that the Olympics are still going on. Anybody following that business? How's the U.S. doing in, um, ball chucking?

As a final note in both the PS Blog post and the above video, would-be karters are reminded that pre-ordering the game will net you a special costume and kart for the Vice President of Everything, Kevin Butler. Now you can build your own levels, mod out your cart and blast your enemies on the race track, all while taking on the persona of one of the best video games mascots ever created.

Now that all of that jibba-jabba is out of the way, you have just shy of three months to start planning your first track. I don't mean to put too much unnecessary pressure on you, but I'm expecting greatness.

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