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If you're not a console gamer and you're thoroughly peeved that the definitive version of Diablo III is squarely available on the 360 and PS3, don't worry about it... there's still some hope for the PC Master Race. A new game called The Lost Island provides a top-down loot-grind RPG experience and it has recently launched on Desura.

The isometric RPG genre really got a big boost thanks to the early stumbles of Diablo III on PC. The game came tumbling out of the gates like Cristiano Ronaldo who fumbles his way onto the pitch after a drunken night out at the local pub: loved but worthless.

In the wake of Blizzard's failings to deliver a game that people had expected – hampered mostly by the inclusion of the greed-inducing Real-Money Auction House and the play-inhibiting barrier of the always-on DRM – there were some other developers who took it upon themselves to fix Blizzard's mistakes and bring about the isometric loot-grinder that people deserved. Some of the clones included Path of Exile and the recent Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. There were also games such as Grim Dawn and Lineage Eternal.

Following suit behind other Diabl clones is The Lost Island, a sort of hybrid of the goth-inspired environments from Blizzard's popular ARPG while fusing in some of the bright and inviting areas featured in games like Baldur's Gate.

The combat is handled by the basic mouse controls, allowing players to click their way through enemies with ease and scavenge for treasures and items to deck your character out with.

The main plot of the game is pretty bare bones, revolving around a character who ends up on an island and must survive the hostile inhabitants, including crazy animals and the undead. The game looks pretty decent based on the available video. And speaking of the video, you can check it out below.

Demo Video - Desura

I have to admit, the game doesn't look half bad at all. I was expecting something a little more rough around the edges, but based on what's available in the video it looks like Allebi Games has ironed a pretty decent looking title.

The Lost Island is built on the Unity 3D game engine (no surprise there) and if you like what the game is selling, you can check out more over on the official IndieBD page.

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