A new video walkthrough has been released for Lost Planet 3, sporting some actual gameplay footage of the giant mech that Spark has been parading on about since the game's announcement. The near 10 minute video won't disappoint as not only will the video give you plenty of action but there's a nice fatality in there for one of the akrid.

The game's story-focused narrative and more serious tone over the last two games could be a make it or break it for the series, and I'm not entirely convinced yet that it was the right course of action for the B-movie style sci-fi game. Nevertheless, I would be lying if I said that Jim's lonesome story of working on a freezing cold planet while some mysterious stuff starts happening around him wasn't interesting. In some regards, this could make for a better movie than a game.

Still, what we get to see of the action looks like a slightly slower, easier-paced version of Lost Planet 2 which may or may not win more or less gamers over. Check it out below.

That end cinematic was actually better acted than I imagined. That looked good. As mentioned, this may have made for a better movie than a game.

The QTEs that are supposedly not really QTEs seem like they could prove to be immersion/momentum breakers, but again, this depends on how far they deviate from the gameplay pace of Lost Planet 2, which was like a “lighter”, faster, more Japanese-centric version of Gears of War.

You can look for Lost Planet 3 to launch in early 2013 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. You can learn more about the game by visiting the Official Website.

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