March was a bizarre month on the PlayStation Network with lots of movement in the list of top sellers, as well as appearances by some new titles and the reappearance of several oldies. Leading the charge on the PS3 was MLB 13: The Show while the Vita’s biggest item was the surprise RPG hit, Atelier Totori Puls.

For starters, you’ll note on the PlayStaiton Blog that BioShock Infinite did not break the top five list for PSN sales. I’m guessing that had a lot to do with the fact that the game came out so late in the month, but when a title as critically panned as The Walking Dead: survival Instinct comes in at number three, I have to question my own understanding of the average gamer and what times of games they actually want to play.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Skyrim dominated the DLC chart while the release of the latest God of War game might help explain why Ghost of Sparts made a surprise return to the PSP top five.

Here are the top performers on PSN for the month of March.

PlayStation 3/PSN
-MLB: The Show
-The Walking Dead: survival Instinct
-Tomb Raider

PS Vita
-Atelier Totori Plus
-Nun Attack
-Urban Trial Freestyle
-Sine Mora
-Persona 4 Golden

-BLOPS II Revolution
-BLOPS II Season Pass
-Skyrim Dawnguard
-Skyrim Hearthfire
-Skyrim Dragonborn

PS Mobile
-Beats Trellis
-Castle Invasion
-Life of Pixel
-Gun Commando

PS2 Classics
-GTA: San Andreas
-GTA: Vice City Stories
-Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix
-Twisted Metal Black

PSone Classics
-Final Fantasy VII
-Final Fantasy IX
-Crash Bandicoot
-Legend of Dragoon
-Final Fantasy VIII

PSP Games
-Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
-Persona 3 Portable
-Star Wars Battlefront II
-NBA 2K13
-God of War: Ghost of Sparta

-The Impossible Game
-Jetpack Joyride
-Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter
-Zombie Racers

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