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Today EA Sports announced that they're working on something called Madden 25, presumably the next game in their football sim series. They even provided a specific release date for this mystery project.

Madden 25's title refers to the fact that this year is the 25th anniversary of the Madden series. EA will release 25 on August 27th. New Madden games tend to be released in August, so 25 might be what they're calling this year's installment instead of Madden NFL 14.

Ditching the year number for the game's title is an interesting idea. On the one hand, it might create a bit of confusion because everyone's expecting the game to be called Madden NFL 14. On the other hand, not having a date on the game's title prevents it from feeling "expired" by next year.

The fact that EA is emphasizing the 25th anniversary with the title suggests it might have some retro features. Maybe they'll load up the game with a bunch of historical teams and scenarios? Me, I'm hoping for an 8-bit mode so we can party like it's 1989.

EA says that additional details on Madden 25 are coming soon. The Super Bowl is this weekend so I doubt they'll let the occasion pass without an announcement of some kind.