It's been a long time coming, but Malicious Rebirth is finally headed to the PlayStation Vita in the U.S., offering killer scarf attacks and epic boss battles in the palm of your hand.

Originally released on the PlayStation Network as Malicious, the game is similar to a game like Mega Man in that each of the main bosses grants the player a new ability that will likely come in super handy against one of the game's other bosses.

The enhanced version of the game, Rebirth was said to be headed to the Vita for quite some time. A long silence concerning updates led many to believe that the portable project had been canned for the States. Now SCEA Associate Producer Dais Kawaguchi has broken that silence, saying that Malicious Ribirth is definitely hitting Sony's new portable later this year.

As the Spirit Vessel, the player will explore a full 3D world where any of the game's levels are open from the get-go. The trick is to find a boss you can handle, then use the new power they grant in order to take out the next one.

“In Malicious Rebirth, there are more levels, bosses and powers to acquire than in the original PS3 version,” said Kawaguchi.

He goes on to promise more details concerning the Vita version of Malicious in the coming weeks, so I suppose the only thing left for us to do is just sit and wait...some more.

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