PlayStation Home is set to go post-apocalyptic this Wednesday as new freemium third-person shooter, No Man's Land, releases to the service and, actually, it looks kinda basass.

The offerings on home have become more sophisticated over the years, but I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like this latest game from developer Veemee. No Man's Land looks to control and operate like most other run-and-gun affairs and, while that may be par for the course in a console game, its quite surprising coming out of a service like Home.

Home has featured a few shooting games before, but those have been dull distractions at best. No Man's Land looks like a legitimate grab for the more core audience and, with decent graphics, fierce action and lots of fast-paced violence, it might actually succeed.

Players will be able to play in 4v4 matches through two game modes, team dathmatch and Scavengers (think capture the flag). In a PlayStation Blog post, Community Manager Cade Peterson also touts additional maps and modes as being planned for the future. Adopting the freemium model, all players will have access to the core game with those who pay a little extra having access to additional weapon and armor upgrades.

I'm not saying No Man's Land is going to steal you away from your favorite shooter but, judging by the above video, it certainly might be worth a look.

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