Focus Home Interactive has sent out a new set of screenshots from cyberpunk RPG Mars War Logs. This latest batch of images shows the game's hero, Roy, on the run from the Technomancers.

Roy's in a rough spot. He's pissed off the powerful guild Aurora and they've sent Technomancers after him. He won't get any help from the Resistance, either. He's trapped in the middle of a civil war without friends on either side.

The screenshots introduce an important character named Devotion Chase. She's the right hand woman of Honour Grant, the general of Aurora's army. She'll be personally hunting down Roy as well. Focus Home says that her intentions are "mysterious," though, so maybe she'll end up an unlikely ally?

Mars War Logs, in development at Of Orcs and Men studio Spiders, takes place on Mars in the far future. The planet is still very much on the frontier, with various companies and factions battling for dominance. The game's sci-fi setting also has a touch of fantasy. Technomancers such as Roy can use artifacts to create magical effects.

It sounds like a very ambitious game, with branching dialogue, skill trees and a crafting system. It's not a giant 40-hour game, though. The game's website describes it as a "short story." It will be released in digital form on PC, Xbox Live, and PSN later this year. We'll see if Spiders' grand vision for the game can fit into a smaller, downloadable package.

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