Gazillion Entertainment and Marvel released a new trailer during this year's PAX Prime over the weekend featuring three brand new super heroes, including Daredevil, Spider-Man and The Punisher. Following up on studio lead David Brevik's comments, you can now put a visual image to the game that is being hailed as the true spiritual successor to Diablo II.

Earlier today we reported on how Brevik mentioned that a lot of what Blizzard North worked on with Daiblo III before it was all scrapped and the team dissipated, will make it into Marvel Heroes. Those same design concepts and mechanics will play a big part in how Marvel Heroes operates and some gamers are already reporting that from what they've played they can easily see the resemblance between Brevik's new game and the first two Diablo games.

You can see a little of how the animations, character designs and environments come together in the trailer below, featuring a showcase of some of the heroes executing basic attacks as well as their individualized skills.

I was actually kind of surprised to see The Punisher in there. That was unexpected. He's kind of treated like the popular but unfairly used black sheep of the Marvel Universe.

Anyway, I'm curious exactly how the player system, customization, co-op and party setup will work. For now it's all just promo material as far as I'm concerned but I would like to know a bit more about the actual game mechanics...other than that it's using features that didn't make it into Diablo III. Props, though, to the Gazillion marketing team for really taking advantage of Diablo III's self-inflicted media backlash and all the negative press that has come along with it.

You can check out more screenshots and media of Marvel Heroes over at the Official Website. We'll keep you posted on additional details, news and information as it becomes available.

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