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The planetary exploration segments of Mass Effect consisted mainly of driving up sheer cliffsides and getting slapped around by giant sand worms. You might still end up doing that in Mass Effect 2 but at least you won't be stuck driving that same old rover.

In a PC World interview, lead producer Casey Hudson revealed that ME2 will feature a new vehicles with vastly different controls:
We're not talking too much about it yet, in part because it's one of the things that's just gone in and we want to make sure that it's going to stay the way it is in the final game before we talk too much about it. But it's definitely a different design.

It's a similar idea, in that it's a vehicle about the size of the Mako that you can use to explore these really rough alien worlds. The difference is, it moves fundamentally differently from the first Mako, where now…it basically moves similar to the way your character moves. You can strafe from left to right, you can shoot wherever you want, it's easier to target enemies that are standing right in front of you or directly overhead, and it just navigates the terrain a lot better.

I'm hoping for a Battlemech but it's probably something a little less outrageous. They have to be able to transport it in the Normandy, after all.