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Here's a big present for those of you working in the Fox News research department.Mass Effect 2 has yet to hit stores but someone's already uploaded videos of the game's sex scenes to the Internet.

In ME2, you have the option of becoming romantically involved with select members of your party. The (brief) love scenes posted below are the end results of these romance subplots. Merely knowing which NPC's can be wooed is sort of a spoiler by itself so don't scroll down if you want to be surprised. I picked Miranda for the story's image because, well, look at her. You had to know she'd be a love interest.

You're able to make your character (Commander Shepard) male or female in the game but it doesn't look like the sex scenes for female Shepard were uploaded. That's probably because whoever posted the vids played through the game as a male. I'd imagine female Shepard will get some action too.

ME2 arrives on January 26th in North America. GameStop will be holding midnight launches across the US.

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