Mass Effect 3 producers Casey Hudson and Mike Gamble released two screenshots from the game through their respective Twitter accounts. The screenshots appear to be teasing a new batch of DLC for the sci-fi RPG.

"Enjoy your teasers. Two for the price of one," tweeted Mike Gamble. His teaser shot shows a fully-armored Krogan with a club-like weapon. Hudson's image, meanwhile, shows a neon-bathed city street. Signs reading "Silversun Strip" and "Silver Coast Casino" are both visible.

The casino screenshot looks like a new location for single-player. After all, the co-op mode doesn't have a bunch of random pedestrians lolly-gagging around. Maybe it lets Shepard and company do a bit of gambling?

The Krogan image is more ambiguous. That could easily be a scene from the same single-player adventure, or a new multiplayer character. A fan on the BioWare Social Network forum suggests that the location seen in the screenshot is Firebase Goddess, one of the multiplayer maps.

The last DLC released for ME3 was Omega. Omega, which went live in November, pitted Shepard and two unlikely allies against Cerberus. It's only one of two single-player DLC adventures released for the game thus far, the other being underwater adventure Leviathan. It seems likely that BioWare would have additional story-based content up their sleeve.

BioWare has yet to follow up on these screenshots with any additional details. In the meantime, feel free to speculate.

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