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Mass Effect players hate Kaidan and love Liara, according to an infographic released by BioWare. At PAX East, the developer shared many interesting player stats on Mass Effect 3. It contains a multitude of spoilers so steer clear if you haven't played any of the games in the series yet.

In the year since ME3's release, players have collectively logged 88.3 million hours in the campaign. About 39.8% of these players earned the Long Service Medal, granted for either playing ME3 twice or beating the game after importing an ME2 save. A mere 4% of players tackled the game on Insane difficulty and succeeded.

The male Commander Shepard was the more popular choice, with 82% choosing him over FemShep. The Soldier, at 43% percent, was the most preferred of the six character classes. As a male Soldier player, that makes me feel a bit boring.

The squadmate stats are also interesting. Liara turned out to be the most popular companion, with 24.1% of players bringing her on the away team. Kaidan was the least popular, at 1.5%. It's not surprising, considering that he can die in the first Mass Effect.

BioWare recently released the last DLC for Mass Effect 3. The Citadel add-on allows players to relax on the massive space station. Reckoning, meanwhile, introduced a slew of new multiplayer options.