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During tonight's episode of The Walking Dead, BioWare will premiere another trailer for Mass Effect 3. Why wait that long, though? The live-action trailer, entitled "Fight" just hit the Internet a short time ago.

Like the "Take Back Earth" CGI trailer, this latest video depicts the Reapers' attack on Earth. We see the onslaught unfold from several locations across the globe. A family watches the news reports and cries. Cities fall into chaos as ordinary citizens run for their lives or begin looting. A congregation gathers to pray while their church crumbles.

Then Commander Shepard shows up. With the Normandy providing support from above, Shepard charges into the fray with an assault rifle. No sign of his squad, which is probably a good thing. A live-action Wrex would be a bit unsettling.

The trailer successfully pushes the premise BioWare has been hammering into our brains: Earth is under attack and we must take it back. I'd prefer a CGI or in-game trailer but, well, BioWare's not really targeting me with this video. I'm already going to buy the game. Instead, I think the trailer's designed to catch the attention of people who might change the channel if they saw a traditional video game ad; the video is designed to show that, just like a television show or movie, this game has emotion and plot.

ME3 will arrive on March 6th in North America and on the 9th in Europe.

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