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Today BioWare unlocked the second half of the Mass Effect 3 demo. PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 owners can now try out the all-new co-op included in the forthcoming game.

The online portion of the demo allows you to play through two co-op maps. These missions don't star Commander Shepard and company. Instead, you create your own custom characters by choosing their race and class. You'll be able to upgrade them over time as well.

The demo first arrived on Valentine's Day. However, players only had access to the single-player side of the demo, which offers a preview of two portions of the campaign. In order to get access to the multiplayer before today, you needed to own Battlefield 3 and its Online Pass.

The co-op part of the demo will only be available for a limited time. EA plans to lock it off to public play on March 5th. ME3 launches that week so they need the servers for paying customers, I suppose.

ME3 hits stores in North America on March 6th and in Europe on the 9th. You could get the game earlier than that by chasing down a weather balloon, though.

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