Today BioWare released a lone screenshot from Omega, the upcoming single-player DLC for Mass Effect 3. They also identified the mysterious female Turian in the DLC's screenshots.

The Turian's name is Nyreen. She's the leader of the Talons, a mercenary group on Omega. They're a small outfit known for smuggling red sand, a potent drug. The group was previously featured in the novel Mass Effect: Retribution.

In Omega, Cerberus is trying to take over Omega. Shepard has to join forces with crime boss Aria and Nyreen in order to stop this from happening. Previous screenshots have indicated that players will actually head into battle with these two dangerous ladies.

Omega will hit Xbox Live, PC, and the North American PSN on November 27th. The next day, BioWare will release this content through the European PSN. You'll have to pay $15 to download it.

The DLC was designed by BioWare Montreal. This is the same studio that will be serving as lead developer on the next Mass Effect game.

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