BioWare has announced the next multiplayer event for Mass Effect 3. Operation Gearhead, happening this weekend, will test players' engineering skills to the utmost.

Players are tasked with earning 75,000 as any engineer class in the game's co-op mode. The point total will carry over across multiple matches. Players also need to successfully extract as an engineer three times. They can do so on any map and any difficulty.

Previous events have challenged the entire player community to work together toward a collective goal. For example, Operation Patriot asked players to kill 600,000 Atlas Mechs. There's no community goal this time around, though. Perhaps it's tougher for BioWare set these goals now that Mass Effect 3 is six months old and the multiplayer activity is less consistent.

Operation Gearhead will run from November 16th to the 18th. If you achieve the goals of the event, you'll get a Commendation Pack. Expect to receive this reward early next week.

If you're more interested in ME3's single-player, you won't be neglected for long. BioWare plans to release a new single-player DLC pack called Omega at the end of the month.

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