Tomorrow BioWare will release the last multiplayer DLC pack for Mass Effect 3. A new trailer from the developer runs down the new content that they've included in this swan song add-on, entitled Reckoning.

Reckoning adds several distinct characters for players to unlock. You can rain down biotics as a Turian female, fill your enemies with arrows as a Talon Mercenary Engineer or flatten foes with a hammer as a Krogan Warlord Sentinel. The new characters even include an "Awakened Collector Adept."

The DLC expands players' arsenal with seven new weapons as well. The Blood Pack Executioner Pistol only fires one round per reload but can deliver a massive amount of damage. The Chakram Launcher Assault Rifle, the highlight of the group, fires explosive disks. These weapons are supplemented by new upgrade items, including a Batarian Gauntlet and Shotgun Ultralight Materials.

Reckoning is the fifth expansion to Mass Effect 3's co-op play. Collectively, these expansions have added dozens of new characters and items while also doubling the amount of maps. It's an impressive show of post-release support, especially considering that this co-op DLC has been released for free.

BioWare will release the Reckoning DLC on February 26th across all platforms. Europe will receive it the following day. A week later, the last single-player DLC, Citadel will arrive.

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