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If you'd prefer that Commander Shepard have lady-parts, the Mass Effect 3 box art will accomodate you. The game's standard edition has reversible cover art that lets you display the female Shepard on the front.

The unboxing video, below, also reveals that the Xbox 360 version will have two DVD's. That should be no shock to you, because Mass Effect 2 was spread over two DVD's as well. Still, if you're a PS3 owner who likes gloating over the superior storage capacity of a Blu-ray, here's another opportunity to brag.

The standard edition also includes an Online Pass voucher and a two-day Xbox Live Gold subscription. Together, the two give you access to the four-player co-op mode. This co-op features customizable, upgradeable characters and can actually affect the outcome of the single-player campaign.

ME3 launches in North America on March 6th and on the 9th in Europe.

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