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Capcom has released a wide array of Xbox Live Avatar gear inspired by Mega Man. These virtual items will give Xbox 360 owners a way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original game's release.

The Avatar gear includes t-shirts emblazoned with 8-bit Mega Man or the 25th anniversary logo. You can also attach a Buster cannon to your Avatar's arm or put Mega Man's helmet on their head. If that sounds too subtle for you, you can buy a full outfit based on Mega Man or the Robot Masters he fought in the first game.

You'll have to pay to dress up like the Blue Bomber, though. The Avatar t-shirts are $1 apiece, while the Mega Man helmet is $2. The outfits and Buster cannon are all $4 apiece. No one ever said fandom was cheap.

Sample pictures of the Avatar items are below.