Hideo Kojima has officially left Konami this December. He restarted Kojima Productions with just a few other members. It's small right now, but it's also independent. Kojima announced that his first project will be in partnership with Sony and it will be for the PlayStation 4.

Over on the official PlayStation YouTube channel there's a short interview between Sony's group CEO, Andrew House, and the creator of Metal Gear, the one who popularized the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Hideo Kojima. You can check out the short video clip below.

There are no details on what the new project will be or what plans they have for it, but we do know that it's coming to PlayStation first.

The comment section is full of a lot of support for both Sony and Kojima. There are also a lot of admitted Xbox fanboys in the comment section applauding Sony for scooping up the legendary developer. There is no love for Konami from gamers whatsoever.

Konami essentially pulled the plug mid-development of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, forcing Kojima Productions to wrap up early and cut out an entire third of the game. The true ending and the tie-in from Metal Gear Solid V to the original Metal Gear Solid can only be seen on YouTube or through the bonus Blu-ray disc in the collector's edition of Metal Gear Solid V.

Konami – following shortly after the release of Kojima's final game for the company – closed down Kojima Productions in Los Angeles, California. They took steps even further by using lawyers to prohibit Hideo Kojima from even showing up at The Game Awards to receive an award for The Phantom Pain. Instead actor Keifer Sutherland showed up to receive the award on behalf of Kojima and the rest of the team.

Gamers have shown nothing but disgust for Konami following these events.

One person commenting on the YouTube video mentioned that it's interesting how real-life parallels Metal Gear Solid between Konami and Kojima. They noted how Kojima is like Big Boss, once working with the FoxHounds but was betrayed and exiled to create his own independent private army. Kojima's old logo at Konami was the FoxHound logo, but now it's a symbol that gamers feel represents Outer Haven... just like when Snake broke off to become Big Boss, a leader of an army without nation, to form Outer Haven.

Despite reality playing out similar to fiction – and even stranger yet, a fiction that Kojima created – the iconic developer is already looking forward to making games in a faster and more efficient way. According to The New Yorker, Kojima is glad to be free from Konami and the bureaucracy of trying to create games under the traditional Japanese publishing structure.

We'll see if the lighter, faster and rejuvenated Kojima Productions can churn out some worthwhile games now that they're free from Konami. There are no dates or details on the project, so stay tuned for more info.
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