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Konami and Kojima Production's upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was one of the few games demonstrated for the PlayStation brand during the first day of TGS. The video gives a walkthrough of more than 12 minutes of unedited gameplay, showing the complete start and finish of a mission.

Kojima gives a full vocal commentary of the events that happen throughout the gameplay video. Unfortunately, I can't speak a lick of Japanese and that's all that's available out there right now so you'll just have to bear with me as I try to hazard a guess to whatever it is they were talking about during the demonstration.

Most of the footage comes from gameplay that was already made available from back in the late summer of last year. It's an infiltration mission into a camp at night... the original footage, however, was edited segments and didn't really give players the full monty when it came to gameplay and features.

There is a 10 minute introduction video that was also captured, featuring much of the same content from that gameplay demo from last year, which you can view below, but it is kind of wasteful if I must say so myself.

The walkthrough video basically shows snake going to retrieve a captured prisoner. Players get to see Snake utilize some franchise-staple stealth, some wall hugging, some crawling, some silenced-pistol takedowns and a few grapple-type maneuvers.

One of the things that really took me by surprise was when someone commented on the video saying “the? pick-up graphic looks like a taking a shit graphic”. I was about to become furious that a troll would be so bold as to say something so daft, but then... I realized, he was correct. If you look at the 7:49 mark of the first video above, you'll see that the icon to pick things up looks like a little man is sitting down, ready to take a dump. I couldn't believe I had become enlightened by a sheep in troll's clothing.

Anyway, there's nothing particularly new in the TGS stage demo. The enemies, opposite of what Kojima suggested on twitter, don't seem all too unpredictable. But then again, it was a controlled video environment and it looks like it was all pre-recorded beforehand.

I'm still quite impressed with the driving physics and the overall weight of the atmosphere – the game at least looks like it feels alive and real and dynamic. It's not an easy thing to achieve with a game and you can easily see the different between the way the world is presented in MGAV compared to how the world was presented in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is set for release for current and next generation platforms.

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