THQ and 4A Games considers Metro 2033 to be a flawed masterpiece. Yes, in the words of Danny Bilson…”It was a flawed masterpiece”. Nevertheless, the developers and marketers behind Metro: Last Light will stand to correct the previous game’s flaws by making the sequel better in every way imaginable and have it arrive on time for a clean 2012 release. Well, that's what they said in the press release, anyway.

Danny Bilson, EVP Core Games, THQ, commented in the press release, following up on his “flawed masterpiece” comment, saying that [Metro 2033]…
“was a beautiful, original game that didn’t get the marketing support it needed. We won’t make that mistake with Metro: Last Light. This game improves on the original in every way – it will have more polish, deeper and more sophisticated gameplay, and satisfyingly visceral combat, without losing what our fans loved about the original. Metro: Last Light is another artful piece of game development from an Eastern European studio that will thrill and terrify anyone looking for a more cerebral experience than your typical first person shooter.”

There’s that word again…”polish”. Oh boy, you just can’t get enough of that these days…some good old fashioned polish.

Aside from sophisticated gameplay, visceral combat and some of that much needed polish, the game will still be a single-player affair that entrenches players into a dark and immersive atmosphere set in 2034 Moscow, Russia. With poisonous air above ground, mutants underground, and all sorts of nasty creatures that go bump in the night, players will have their hands full in Metro: Last Light.

You can check out a brief fact sheet for the game below or pay a visit to the new Facebook page for Metro: Last Light to learn more about the game, which is due out next year for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Metro: Last Light Features

• A gripping, story-driven first person shooter, Metro: Last Light is the hugely anticipated sequel to 2010’s critically acclaimed cult classic Metro 2033

• Experience thrilling combat with an exotic arsenal of hand-made weaponry against deadly foes – both human and mutant – and use stealth to launch attacks under the cover of darkness

• Explore the post-apocalyptic world of the Moscow Metro, one of the most immersive, atmospheric game worlds ever created

• Fight for every bullet and every last breath in a claustrophobic blend of survival horror and FPS gameplay

• Next generation technology boasting stunning lighting and physics sets a new graphical benchmark on both console and PC

• Wage post-apocalyptic warfare online, as Last Light delivers an intense multiplayer experience amongst the dark Russian ruins

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