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Metro: Last Light's third downloadable content pack will be arriving next week. The Developer Pack provides four new activities for players of this post-apocalyptic shooter on September 17th in North America and on September 18th elsewhere in the world.

The new Shooting Range in the Developer DLC allows players to experiment with all of the game's weapons. They can also try out the attachments available for these weapons so you know what to purchase in the campaign. The developers also threw in marksman challenges for each of the weapons.

If you'd prefer more dangerous targets, you can head to the A.I. Arena. Here, you can test your skills in several challenges. Furthermore, you can pit customizable squads of humans and mutants against each other.

A solo mission called the Spider's Nest will be sure to gross you out. It tasks players with escaping from a cavern filled with mutant spiders. Players will burn their way through these monsters with a lighter, torch, and Flamethrower.

The last diversion in the Developer Pack is called the "Metro Museum." Here, you can check out all of the characters from the game be they human or mutant. It's nothing too special but I guess it'll be of interest to those of you looking to become character modelers.

Developer 4A Games plans to release four DLC packs in total as part of the game's Season Pass. The previous two add-ons released to date are the Faction and Tower Packs. The Faction Pack adds three missions, each from a different character's perspective. The Tower Pack is a combat simulator with leaderboards. The fourth and final DLC is the Chronicle Pack, a set of missions from the perspective of campaign characters Pavel, Khan and Anna.

Metro: Last Light is the sequel to Metro 2033. It takes place beneath the ruins of post-apocalyptic Moscow. The human survivors of a nuclear war now live in the metro tunnels. Animals and humans affected by the radiation have become mutants that now hunt the humans. The campaign begins as the various station-cities of humans are locked in a civil war. Artyom the Ranger must prevent these factions from destroying mankind altogether.

The DLC Season Pass costs $14.99 to download. Each add-on can be purchased individually for $4.99. Metro: Last Light itself costs $49.99 to download.

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