Metro: Last Light is due out in a few months but, today, Sony has announced that the post-apocalyptic first-person shooter will be receiving some exclusive content in a PlayStation 3 Limited Edition of the game. Hope that helps make the end of the world just a little bit easier to stomach.

Based on the hit novel Metro 2033 and picking up shortly following the events of the first game in the series by the same name, Last Light sees players trying to scrape out a living in a world gone to hell where the air is often toxic, the enemies are frequently human and hope is all but lost. You know you're living in a tough world when bullets are the only source of currency.

Announced through the PlayStation Blog, anyone who pre-orders Metro: Last Light for the Playstation 3 will automatically be upgraded to the Limited Edition, featuring “essential items to fully immerse you in the world of Metro.

“Also, as a bonus and exclusive only to PlayStation Network users, fans who pre-order the full digital version will get an exclusive Metro: Last Light PS3 theme as well as a free copy of the gripping first-person shooter, Homefront, in which America has fallen to a savage military occupation,” said THQ's Global Communications Manager, Jeremy Greiner.

So, that's like two totally depressing shooters for the price of one.

So what does this Limited Edition come with? First up there's Ranger Mode, which allows you to play the game on the toughest setting with no HUD, fewer bullets and deadlier weapons. To counteract that, you'll also be getting a modified Russian assault rifle and extra military-grade bullets (use them as currency or to kill things).

While the Limited Edition offer is PS3 exclusive, you can look for Metro: Last Light to arrive on the Xbox 360 and PC as well in March.

UPDATE: THQ has released a press release stating that all early copies of Metro: Last Light will, in fact, feature the Limited Edition bonuses. So if you're looking to enjoy an extra hard difficulty setting and the special gun, then all you have to do is get the game nice and early on your gaming machine of choice.

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