Last week, the latest Metro: Last Light live-action trailer introduced viewers to the tragic tale of “the Preacher.” This week, we get a glimpse into the post-apocalyptic life of “the Model,” and it ain't pretty.

Metro: Last Light is the followup to the criminally overlooked Metro: 2033, a tale of survival and suffering following the collapse of humanity. The original Metro game took the concept of story much further than most first-person shooters, going so far as to fill its world with believable characters just trying to carve out an existence in a world gone mad.

If these first two trailers for the followup, Last Light, serve as any indication, then the latest Metro game looks to be paying just as much attention to the fine details as its predecessor. Without further ado, fear now the story of “the Model.”

In case that gut-wrenching portrait of desperation didn't drive the fact home, the Metro series turns bullets into the most precious of commodities. In a world where danger lingers at every turn, ammunition serves as a way of both killing your enemies and purchasing items. It's a nasty little bit of tug-of-war. That new gun sure would make fighting off the baddies easier, but what, exactly, is it going to shoot if you have to spend all of your ammunition to purchase it?

Look forward to making decisions like these when Metro: Last Light hits consoles and PC in March.

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