The upcoming first-person shooter from Deep Silver and 4A Games is nearing release, with an early May window set in the sights for Metro: Last Light. The latest promotional trailer for the game is called “Salvation” and it shows a diverse comparison between two groups of survivors going about dealing with the apocalypse in very different ways.

The original game left players in a cliffhanger of sorts trying to fix a post-apocalyptic world that seems to be on the brink of extinction. In this newest trailer it looks like two factions of soldiers are battling it out, while in the trailer that last shot at the end of a kid standing there all innocent looking while a mutant blinks at him sort of gives the impression that maybe there's going to be a close tie-in to the first game. I'm not going to give it away if you haven't played the original Metro 2033 but it had a lot more to do with just trying to survive in an underground service station in Russia.

I'm very curious if the sequel will maintain the sort of group-travel aspect of the first game where you met up with and ventured through the world with a varied cast of characters or if the game will be more one-man army like Call of Duty?

You can look for Metro: Last Light to launch this May for home consoles and PC. It's kind of obvious which version will be the definitive version, and if you want to learn more you can by visiting the Official Website.

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