THQ and 4A Games released a new batch of screenshots for the upcoming first-person thriller, Metro: Last Light. The shots feature a range of different situations and circumstances, the most notable being a soldier spying on a well armed group, as well as some outdoor environmental shots of a ravaged and nuclear devastated Russia.

DSO Gaming managed to spot the new screenshots on THQ's Facebook page, and some of them are absolutely stunning. For instance, the one shot taking place in the bar with the two patrons looks really, really good. Mostly because both guys actually wear the weight of a desolate and desperate time on their gravity hinged faces. I think that shot alone is worth a thousand words.

Metro: Last Light is one of the few games THQ has planned for release throughout 2013 that could potentially recover the company from complete and total disaster. The company recently filed for bankruptcy last month but an investor managed to step in and front them some loans for the time being, while Ubisoft has been eying the potential buyout of the company. On the upside is that THQ managed to hold of their IPs so there's hope that with a few big hits in 2013 they could stay afloat, and Metro: Last Light certainly looks like a potential 2013 hit just judging by the screenshots below.

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