The latest video in Metro: Last Light's "Ranger Survival Guide" series focuses on weapons and equipment. As a result, we get to see many of the game's weapons in action.

Although Last Light's setting is post-apocalyptic, players have no shortage of weapon options. They'll have pistols, shotguns, machine guns and more at their disposal. You'll need all the firepower you can get, as the world of Last Light is filled with mutants and humans that want to kill you.

Last Light sets itself apart from other shooters with its survival game characteristics. Ammunition is scarce so scavenging and ammo conservation are key habits to develop. Certain areas are toxic and require you to use a gas mask. You'll have to move quickly through these areas and also be sure to have an ample supply of air filters to keep your gas mask functioning. Keeping light sources (flashlight, night vision goggles) on hand is essential to surviving in the dark tunnels as well.

Ammunition creates an interesting dilemma for players. In addition to being limited, it's also used as currency in the game. Military-grade bullets pack more of a punch than other ammo but could alternately be used to buy new equipment. You have to decide whether you'd rather have more ammo or a more powerful weapon.

The "Ranger Survival Guide" is a three-part preview of Last Light. You can check out the previous two videos here and here.

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