Microsoft Cancels Xbox One Executive Interviews At E3

[Update: Microsoft confirms Xbox One's DRM policies, 24 hour check-in and more]

Opting not to repeat what happened during the big Xbox One reveal two weeks ago on May 21st, Microsoft has canceled one-on-one interviews with executives at this year's E3. Many of the details about policies and DRM will be a no-go and one of the only ways to find out about said policies is from the representatives who take to the stage during the Xbox conference.

Gameranx has been keeping up to date on all things juicy in the unfolding drama surrounding the Xbox One, and they caught wind of tweets from the big dog gaming media players, all vouching toward the veracity of Microsoft canceling one-on-one interviews at E3.

Marcus Beer from Annoyed Gamer dropped this line on Twitter, saying...

After canceling the post e3 round table for media, Microsoft are now canceling interviews? How deep a hole are they trying to dig??

Patrick Klepek from Giant Bomb, amongst others, also chimed in, noting that...

Microsoft cancelled my one-on-one interviews with Xbox executives at E3. Bummer.Two different 1:1 interviews. Was told they simply couldn't be accommodated. Dunno if it's just us or other outlets.

It's not just you's not just you.

On the “professional gaming journalists” boards across the interwebs, confirmations about cancellations have been ringing out loud and clear. This follows on yesterday's head-scratching maneuver that saw Microsoft high-tailing their executives out of roundtable discussions for the Xbox One at this year's E3.

With production cycles just around the corner and policies still labeled, by Microsoft, as inaccurate and incomplete, I don't see how we're going to get a clear picture of the Xbox One for the fall release when information and transparency has been shutdown by Microsoft.

If Microsoft thought they were selling Wii U units like hotcakes on May 21st, just wait until June 10th...there will be Wii U SKUs flying off store shelves like it was a discounted indie game available during a Steam Summer Sale.

Anyway, while Microsoft has made it known that there will be plenty of games available on showcase at E3, I just hope gamers don't let the shiny graphics distract them from the SOPA-in-a-box scheme that's currently plaguing the image of the Xbox One throughout the gaming community.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.