Six months after an Xbox 360 game hits stores, the Xbox Live Games on Demand service offers it in digital form for the full price. Today Microsoft defended this delay, saying that it's been very successful.

"It comes down to choice. The customer has the choice of going to retail on day one if they really want to buy a particular title, or to wait a couple of months and buy it full price from the Xbox Live marketplace," said Xbox Live UK product manager, Pav Bhardwaj, to MCV.

Bhardwaj explained that the current structure for Games on Demand is working well for Microsoft, giving them no reason to mirror Sony's strategy of releasing a simultaneous digital release via PSN on a title's launch day.

"It's a successful part of our business, we're very pleased with the growth and it continues to do really well. Clearly there's an audience out there who are happy to purchase a product at full ERP six or so months after [its retail release]," he continued.

"We don't do Games on Demand on day one, we focus on boxed retail for day one. That's where our focus has always been and will remain that way for the foreseeable future. It's a successful model, so why change something you don't need to?"

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